You Are Enough

Wherever you look at the moment from blog posts to newsletters from social media to promotions people are talking about ‘Making this year – Your Best Year Yet!

Of course it’s January and customarily this is where our attention lies, but why oh why can’t we start to appreciate that we are okay as we are? Don’t get me wrong – I love that people want to improve themselves, BUT where does this longing for ‘better’ end?

Over time I’ve observed many women setting themselves unrealistic expectations and then wondering why they feel totally exhausted, drained and in some cases burnt out and unable to enjoy the fun aspects of life because they are simply just too tired. Believe me I’ve fallen foul to this on numerous occasions and still learning the lesson, so if you resonate with this you are not alone! J As children we are taught to ‘do your best’, that we must improve, and so … we always feel a little inadequate.

So we have been long conditioned to keep striving, improving, perfecting. However I believe there are a couple of detrimental flaws with this.

• If everyone is striving for excellence then excellence becomes the norm – we all have to up our game and push ourselves harder and harder until it becomes difficult to feel truly proud of our achievements because we are continually expecting more and more and more…..

• When we ‘feel’ we aren’t up to scratch, or aren’t able to achieve perfection, we have a tendency to do nothing at all. Eeek!

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With this kind of behaviour, at what point does anyone ever become content with who they are?

Alternatively, at the beginning of this new calendar year how would it be if you were to centre your thoughts and decide to believe you are good enough- exactly as you are?

If we allowed ourselves to be content just as we are and didn’t need to ‘better’ ourselves every minute of every week – would that be such a terrible thing?

My wish for you in this year is to stop trying to be everything to everyone, stop beating yourself up for weakening and appreciate yourself for what you already are. You will find you are a lot kinder to those around you and more gentle to yourself.

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