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A few days ago I was asked why do you want to write a blog?

I write for many reasons

I write for me and I write for you.

I write for myself because I simply enjoy it. I love the catharsis of writing. It’s a powerful medicine, a mechanism to finding my own voice and to connect more deeply with myself.  

It’s one of my go to resources for creating space for my mind and body so the thoughts swirling in my head have somewhere to go.

I write when inspired, not because I feel obliged, the only rule is to follow my impulse.

I write because it slows me down, builds resilience and increases my well-being.

It relaxes the nervous system, turns off the stress response and releases oxytocin, dopamine and other relaxing hormones.

And did I say I enjoy it? That I’m sure you’ll agree, is always a good reason for anything.

I write for you dear reader, less so to teach and more so to share.

I write from my heart and soul about moments in time with emotion attached.

No sugar coating needed, just real, raw and sometimes deeply vulnerable because no one else can replicate my story in the same way I can and in avoiding the full spectrum of emotions life becomes narrowed down and we miss living fully.

I write for us because in denying our stories, or our truth, means we abandon or reject parts of ourselves, labelling them as wrong in some way leading to shame, when what we really require is self love and acceptance.

So I write for us because it connects us, it familiarises us and sharing awakens our compassion. Our planet needs plenty of compassion right now.

And sharing heals and words can touch.

You may catch a glimpse of yourself in my writing.  

Or maybe a topic I share piques your interest, inspires you to pause for a moment longer than you would normally allow, to contemplate your own experiences of life.

And that’s why I am not here to teach as you already have all the answers within.

Maybe my words just might help guide you back within yourself.