Why I’m not an “expert”

Have you ever felt the pressure to be an “expert” or a “go-to” person in your field?

At one point I did.

But when I started the virtual circles I committed to letting go of that part of my identity. I’m the founder of Global Winning Women, but in circle I bring only as much wisdom and experience as any other woman.

There’s something very powerful about letting go of the idea that I “should” be in control of everything that happens.

Do you recognize in yourself a longing to stop trying to be the perfect expert who never stumbles?

Think about what letting go of that might look like in your work and life… and what new possibilities you might allow in.

The wisdom of our cycles

3347773584_4bdd88f439_zLetting go of my role as “expert” has allowed me to open up to incredible wisdom and insight from the women who gather with me each month. This month we’ve been joined by Samjhana Moon, who’s been sharing her knowledge of Seasons and cycles: both our own menstrual cycles, and the moon cycle.

I’ve been reflecting on how much my own body has to teach me, if I only listen to it and allow each “season” to unfold. We are definitely all experts in one thing – our selves – and we can choose to pay as much attention as we want to the power within us.

Samjhana’s also helped me see that the lunar cycle plays a big part in any situation or event that asks people to gather and to show up. We’ve followed the lunar calendar for our circles, but we’ve been opening registration just before the New Moon.

Samjhana pointed out that this is a time when many of us feel the impulse to retreat from the world and turn inwards, to tap into our inner wisdom rather than connect with others.

So I’ve decided that May’s circle will open instead on the Full Moon, and I’m curious to see how this positive shift in energy will impact our circles.

Exploring more

I’ve been testing out Samjhana’s Wisdom Dial this month – a clock cleverly engineered to show not only the moon phase we’re in, but where we’re at in our menstrual cycle. It means that I can see at a glance what the energy is likely to be for others, and also which season I’m experiencing in my body.

It allows others to see this too – great for partners, children or those dear to us who want to understand how they can support us best at different times of the month.

The dial is a beautifully made tool which allows us to easily visualize these cycles and see how they interact on any day. Click here to find out more about it.

Doing things differently

I believe we don’t need fixing.

We don’t need rescuing.

We don’t need an “expert” or a “guru” to tell us what to do.

It’s not that we need to change… what we need is to become more fully who we are. We are all leaders of our own lives, and in circle we are able to grow into that role, and begin to experience life in flow with our true selves.

Stay tuned for news on when our next circle opens. Will the full moon energy inspire you to reach out and connect with us?

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