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Browsing through the archive of my old websites I came across an article I’d written ‘Boosting Your Productivity’.

I had to giggle, the article suggested the key to boosting productivity was taking time out, followed practical suggestions of things to ‘do’.

It was a great example of looking back over your shoulder and recognising how far you’ve come, and whilst my overall message hasn’t changed greatly in all this time, my approach certainly has.

Why are we so busy anyway?

And how much of that ‘to do’ list in truth, is really important?

The ‘to do’ list may help create a sense of structure where otherwise we feel chaos and overwhelm – lists can lead us to feeling more in control in a world that makes demands on us left, right and centre.

And It may appear as if we ‘have to’, ‘must’, or ‘should’ do these things, but do we really?

More importantly, what happens if one or two of those things don’t get a tick in the box at the end of the day?

What is it that keeps us in the fast lane? Are we addicted to achieving?

The irony is we live in a society that equates busy with being worthy and important. A society that encourages productivity over rest so much so that we are inevitably too busy to pause, to reflect and ask ourselves these vital questions.

What keeps us busy isn’t lack of time.

It isn’t our inability to prioritise efficiently.

We keep busy to avoid feeling


We keep busy adding more and more to our already overflowing schedules in our search of a better feeling.

Any space between the busyness becomes a danger zone – we put ourselves at risk, having to think about situations we deem unpleasant or uncomfortable, worse still we might have to acknowledge ‘feeling’ some of the emotions residing inside of us.

So keeping busy can be a numbing strategy,

A form of resistance,

An avoidance tactic that can deny us from our own truth.

Being busy can leave us feeling attached to the proverbial ‘to do’ list, when in truth our desire is somewhere else

What if you simply followed your impulse each day and still achieved the results you desire?

Who would you be if you were less busy?

Who could you really be?

Dare to pause, to be, to feel, to experience the wisdom residing inside of you?
Our emotions exist to be felt. Welcome them, embody them, they are very wise teachers guiding you.

You might find more peace, calm and ease

You may even realise the truth that you are enough without having to prove anything