Why Are We Afraid Of Ourselves

I love observing trends. One that I’ve become very much aware of is our tendency to feel safer when we’re part of the pack, rather than owning our gifts and standing truly in our power.

Oftentimes we look outwards, seeking the answers, hoping we will be given permission to share our gifts, and to feel we have received approval. And we subconsciously use that as a distraction from owning parts of ourselves that we are afraid to reveal to the world.

We become afraid to express ourselves, and to be fully visible in our power.

We are afraid we are too much.

Too powerful.

Too original.

Too crazy.

It feels safer to stay with the pack, protecting ourselves by being surrounded by others who are also following the same templates.unnamed

Yet as women, we are creators.

Seeking permission, and following what everyone else is doing, kills our creativity, stifles our gifts and our voices.

Imposing harsh expectations on ourselves just because other people have told us “this works”, can keep us stuck and in a vicious cycle of overwork and burnout.

Whether it’s how often we blog, or what our programs or services look like, the question is, “does it work for you?”

But to live a fully expressed life, and to be able to make the difference we desire, we need to honour and trust ourselves implicitly.

The truth is, we can trust ourselves. We need to give ourselves permission to take the steps we want to: whether that’s raising our prices, setting our own schedule, or switching our routines.

We can choose to do things our own way and not fit into society’s norms. To create a fluid, flexible way of working, instead of fitting into a template that people expect. Breaking through the mould and really challenging ourselves to think about our own rhythms and cycles, and the containers that would best suit them.

I’m playing with these ideas. Its what this project is about; a playful experiment with imperfect action.

My intention is to own all the parts of who I am, and allow things to be. Make myself available for things to come to me, to reveal themselves, instead of striving to get somewhere. (This is how I grew the Global Winning Women networking communities, after all…)

“The Year of My Soul” means being curious, allowing my intuition to guide me, and sharing my truth.


I’m excited to see where this goes…

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