When God Laughs At Your Plans

So…….I announce my intention for the coming year in my initial blog post feeling excited, liberated and expanded as I look forward to the gift of time and space to discover who I am becoming as I begin the rite of passage from Mother to Elder.

What I hadn’t bargained for was receiving some unexpected news less than 24 hours later. News that will surely shape the future of my life. I’ll be revealing more about this mighty curve ball another time.

In all truth, my reaction to hearing this news was just that – a reaction and not a very conscious one. Feelings of disappointment, anger and a shame swept through me. This wasn’t meant to happen, not now, not when I’d finally given permitted myself the time I was desperately craving. So close, and now it could all be taken away.


In turmoil I reached out to my very wise friend. As I shared the scenario with her I was able to hear my own words, the thoughts that had initially run through my head like a round of automatic fire began to settle and I began to process my thoughts.

My wise friend reminded me that it’s our ‘expectations’ and our ‘should’s’ that cause so much discomfort and unnecessary emotional pain.

In the space of a short call I’d turned the news around and could see the gift of magic in the situation.

This may not have been what I was anticipating. God certainly had a good chuckle at my plan.

Everything happens for a reason and along with the reason there is always an opportunity – to continue my practice in the art of surrender.

All is well.

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