When Autumn Meets Winter



Yesterday felt like a merging of the seasons – Autumn meeting Winter for the first time. The colourful leaves that have laid dormant on the ground were dusted with an icing sugar coat of frost.

As we enter the last month of the Gregorian calendar I experienced the same sensation this morning feeling the year edging its way to a close and the draw of a brand New Year beginning to pull. Looking out of my kitchen window I could see a thick blanket of frost covering the grass in my garden, like a glistening mat rolled out in readiness to welcome Winter in.

It looked beautiful, magical even, yet I don’t want it to be Winter. I don’t want to feel cold. I don’t particularly enjoy Winter. It reminds me of death, of endings and completions and I don’t much like those either.

Oh, so much resistance.

Have you ever noticed that the seasons of nature are often reflected in the seasons of our soul?

Then I am reminded that this is the purpose of the year of my soul. To work in harmony with the seasons, allowing nature to be my guide as I continue this exploration of who I am becoming.

I reflect on yesterday, of how the nature gracefully blends the seasons like a continuum and ask myself what I can take from this?

Using technology used to frustrate me. I didn’t grow up with it in the same way as my children have. I’ve learned and developed my skills along the way. There have been times, many times, when I’ve struggled to fathom out even the simplest of functions (a lesson there for asking for help maybe).

Deciding to make ‘friends with technology’ and embrace it instead of grappling with it changed everything.

I’m so glad I did. Look how well it has served me. Social media platforms have become a way of life, creating more opportunities than I could ever have imagined from the 1000’s of connections I’ve made across the globe, to be able to work virtually with my team and the ability to access information about real life events, like Standing Rock and the Dakota Pipeline that isn’t making it into mainstream news.

Technology was a decision, I could have chosen to embrace or not.

The merging of the seasons is merely a natural transition. Short of moving country, there is little choice than to experience Winter. Yet, there is always choice.

I can choose how I enter the coming season.

This year I choose making friends with it I am going to step onto that glistening welcome mat and allow the season to bestow upon me all of its magnificent gifts.

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