We Get What We Need Not What We Want

I’ve been feeling unsettled this past week. I know I’m not alone, I think the whole world has felt pretty much the same.

As the news that shocked us all last Wednesday I decided to escape from social media. Away from that added ‘noise’ that was crowding my senses I was able to see the gift on offer; an opportunity to surrender, to let go of the need to control the uncontrollable.

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Life doesn’t always give us what we want. Seriously, who would choose to feel uncertain, unsettled or insecure? Even when it no longer serves us, we often choose to cling tightly on to what is familiar.

When we decide to accept a situation, what shows up for us is what we need.

Right now, the world needs a shake up and whilst this is not a political post, the presidential news last week is an indicator that this is precisely what is happening.
It is happening for us.

We may not like it, we may feel unsettled, but what if this is a stepping stone that will lead us ultimately to a better place? What if this is one of the ‘dots’ that Steve Jobs referred to, teaching us that we need to trust it will connect somehow in the future?

It is what it is AND we have a choice.

In this era of huge transformation it is only a matter of time before the metaphorical tide will change and with that, what we want to see in the world emerge.

We can choose to add more fuel to the fire, buying into the rampant fear, become angry, rant and rage or we hear the call for what it is; to keep shining, stand strong, speak our truth and share our gifts in the world as the powerful influencers we are.

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