To My Daughter On Becoming A Mother

Nine months ago, when I first began A Year For My Soul, I had no idea I would be writing this post with my first grandchild cradled in my arms.

My heart is overflowing with Joy. Thank you.

Thank you for the honour and privilege in sharing your daughter’s birth. As an act of reciprocity I’d like to share some personal wisdom as you begin this new adventure of Motherhood.

Firstly, you are already an amazing Mum.

Know this, claim it, own it.

Entering into mother hood isn’t something you can ever be fully prepared for.


In the moments preceding Myla’s birth whilst you were deeply tuned in to your body, I was sensing a deep and vivid connection with my own mother.

And then your baby was there in your arms; suckling at your breast, this precious beautiful baby girl an extension of yourself, a new link in our ancestral lineage.


Image Gustav Klimt Mother and Child – taken from The Three Ages of Woman

With your passage from maiden to mother complete, immediately I witnessed your heart opening, expanding and filling with love.

Your initiation will take you into a deeper aspect of your feminine soul and will open you up to a new level of spiritual practice, your dance with life.

There have been many themes, patterns and life lessons that have weaved in and out of my life like golden threads in a vast tapestry. As my daughter I’m sure they will filter through our lineage to be received by you.

You will discover that entering Motherhood humbles you. This all embracing, all time consuming mission slows you down and grounds you. There are few moments in life when we are more fully present than when we are nursing and comforting our babies. Let go and surrender to it and live in the present moment of now.

Life with a young baby defies logic, endless days rolling into nights.

Yet all this passes by in a flash, savour this time as it will never come again.

Some days will feel like a cloudless sky on a summer day, bright and filled with glorious sunshine.

Expect in abundance;





Others days may resemble stormy, overcast grey skies.






And even helplessness at times

All are beautiful in their own right and create the magical spectrum of life.

Embrace it all, especially at times when your emotions overwhelm you.

Babies constantly evolve, developing daily. As soon as you master one new skill such as feeding, they’ll be shifting boundaries and progressing to the next thing.

Challenges make you grow. You become stronger and I guarantee you’ll never be handed more than you can cope with – ever!

So when you don’t know what to do – trust that whatever you choose to do in that moment will be the best decision you can make at the time. You’ll misjudge from time to time, forgive yourself, you and your baby will learn from each other as the pair of you forge a phenomenal eternal bond.

Here’s what I can assure you about Motherhood. The joys will exceed any anguish, especially as I know you to be open and receptive in noticing and cherishing the little things in life. For they are what truly matter. Never once have I wished I’d chosen to dance any other path than motherhood

Over the coming months and years you will be graced with plenty of well meaning advice.

All views and opinions are true to some extent. They may or may not work for you.

But there is one piece of advice I urge you to take and that is to tune into your baby as you already tune into yourself. She will guide you.

Trust in your own judgement. Remain open and receptive to the whispers of your own intuition.

Refrain from comparing your experience to that of others, for it will only rob you of your joy.

From this place you will make empowering decisions and you will continue to be an amazing mum. Even if I do not approve, do it your way anyway for there are many answers I do not have.

As I continue my own parental path of love and surrender, I thank you for blessing me with this precious gift of life and providing the gateway to my own rite of passage, the ultimate honour of becoming a Grandmother.

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