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This is not business as usual.

This post may be unpopular but I’ll say it anyway.

Mother earth is on her knees.

And we are carrying on, as if it’s business as usual.

A knee jerk reaction to a critical situation, our survival brains precede the way,
scrabbling for solutions to keep things in motion because that is what we know

that is all we know.

The more connected I become to the breath,

The more I am slowing down, the more I slow down, the more I feel this message vibrate through my flesh and bones piercing every cell of my being

Because it’s hard to stop

Mother Earth has sent us fires and floods

And we paused


But we did not stop.

Let this global pandemic look you in the eye, see it for what it is

Would you ignore a person on their knees and walk on by?

Yet isn’t that what we are doing?

Ignoring Gaia’s call

Because we are so caught up in our ego minds, “What about me?”

“What about me?”

And Gaia, her resources depleted ignores our plea, as she is too pained to hear our call

It’s up to us, you and me to heal ourselves

And to do this we must rest

Rest in this liminal space, as borders close and we distance ourselves

When we feel we can rest no more, linger a little longer,

Bring awareness to our inner landscape. Sit with it, pay attention to the wisdom of the body. The sensations……tensions……,constrictions…….contractions,

Observe it all

feel it, every particle

For it is from this space that we have the capacity to heal, to self regulate and restore a sense of safety and balance

There is great power in presence

And the more you turn inwards, the sensations to settle

Answers will come,

It is no longer our job to single handedly save the world, this is not the time for hustle or burnout

What about my bills?

What about the economy? I hear you say

This isn’t about money, or the economy right now, it’s about healing and the wellbeing of our planet

Your time will come ……is coming

Let those in the front line do what they need to do because you are going to be needed more than ever,

in ways that you never previously imagined

But the world needs an expanded,

deeply rested

version of you to successfully carry out this new mission

So for now you are being asked to pause

for a purpose

This IS your work for now