The Woman Behind The Business

Over ten years ago I started my first networking group in Hampshire.

I called it “Winning Women” after something my mum used to say, when she was really in her flow and things were going well.

“Allison” she’d tell me, “I think I’m winning!”

Winning Women was a symbol for the way we feel when we’re in touch with what we want, trusting in the flow of our actions and supported by likeminded others.

The Hampshire group was amazing. Together we celebrated meeting goals, making profits, starting and ending businesses and growing new connections. We laughed and cried and made miracles together.

Beginning to grow

womanbehindBefore I knew it, Winning Women was expanding. Back then, groups for women running businesses guided by their hearts weren’t really in existence. I wanted more and more women to have the experience of being in circle with others on the same path.

Ambassadors began to step forward from up and down the country: Sussex, Inverness, Cheshire, York, Manchester, Surrey, Essex. Inspiring women led groups who in turn inspired others. And my dream of becoming a global force for good came to fruition too. I visited India and we began to support sister groups in Zambia to become empowered and make changes in their communities.

Running your own business is an amazing thing – it’s one of the most challenging and rewarding things we can do on every level: mentally, physically, spiritually.

As Global Winning Women grew, my role in the business changed. I became a  coordinator for the ambassadors and the team who made the logistics work.

The change

Over the years, I became aware that something was shifting. It started with a bout of ill health that necessitated me taking time off from the business… and led to a full-body rethink of what I was doing.

What I started to realize was this: I love working with women in business, but what really fascinates me is the woman behind the business.

Behind the profit margins and business mission, how do we show up in our own lives?

What kind of role models are we for the next generations?

Are we living in harmony, are we truly doing things our own way, or are we falling into the same old patterns we’ve tried so hard to escape from?

A new chapter

Over the past six months, Global Winnng Women has undergone a radical transformation. And a key part of that was realizing that what I loved doing most was leading groups of women, and experiencing the power of connection in circle.

Not as an “expert” or a “leader”. But as an equal, a co-creator, as a facilitator and connector who can allow each of us to step into our own power to shine.

So this January, I launched something new: Global Winning Women Virtual Circles.

I wanted to do things differently.

I didn’t want to create a high-end course with a big commitment, either financially or in terms of time.

I didn’t want to set myself up as the ‘leader’ or the ‘expert’.

I didn’t want to pressure people into joining, or pressure myself to over deliver and take responsibility for everyone else.

The Virtual Circle

And so, slowly at first, but ever growing, the Global Winning Women Virtual Circles began. This month we’ll open the fourth circle and as the new moon approaches I’m beginning to think about the intention I’d like to set for the next one.

At the start of each circle we gather for a group call, where we share openly and from the heart, every woman equal, listened to and valued. And over the course of the month we share reflections, prompts and inspiration on Facebook, connect and support each other.

I’ve learned that my business and my focus shifts and changes with the seasons. So every month we take a different theme. In January it was ‘The Next Chapter’, in February we looked at Soul Connection, in March “Harmony”.

It’s been a big thing to let go of what appears to be working and allow something new to unfold. Just last week I had an email from someone asking about the networking groups, and that was when I realized it was time to start talking about this journey, and sharing what I’ve learned.

How about you? Have you made any big shifts lately? Share in the comments below.

And click here to find out more about the Virtual Circles, and join us for the April group.

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