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How do you make a comeback after taking a long pause.

You just do!  No excuses, reasons or justifications.

I want to share with you an entry from my personal journal six months ago.

“Something is incubating, a seed planted earlier this year. What form this will take and what this may look like, is still a mystery.

I’m reminded of the days pregnant with my babies, when you would have a scan that measures fetal growth and check babies development. Then you waited patiently, curiously and excitedly until the birth before the gender was revealed and how your tiny creation would look as it made its entrance into the world.

Unlike a human pregnancy I have no idea how long this gestation will be. I will know when the time comes. I will feel its imminence present in my soul and that, for now is all I need to know.

There is no forcing this particular seed to grow, I’m not prepared to genetically modify this creation – (read – open myself to other people’s thoughts opinions, ‘how to’s’ and expertise) this is my creation, mine alone.

I’ll simply practice the art of allowing. Allowing its presence in a natural environment to be nourished and held. Taking action when inspired and, as the dots appear, connect them as my energy pendulates from masculine to feminine, feminine to masculine enabling this incubation to flourish in flow.”

And so, after a long pregnant pause, my new project The | Art | of | Pause is born.