For the next year, I’ll be using this blog as a tool for contemplation and enquiry to explore who I am becoming as I approach the next phase of my life. I invite you to share my journey.

31st October 2016: Halloween/ Samhain

Nature is my guide. Looking at the autumn leaves scattered on the ground, I see the very thing I try to avoid: mess! And I realise it’s not a bad thing; it’s certainly not something to be ashamed of.

In fact, it’s beautiful and glorious. Nature invites us to enjoy this carpet of gold – just allowing it to be.

Those leaves won’t stay on the ground forever. Somehow, it sorts itself out. The winds come along and sweep them up soon enough and the rain breaks them down – A million moments that all look similar until suddenly the season has changed. Nature just does its thing.

Sometimes we just don’t need to do anything.

Usually as we move from Autumn into the darker half of the year, Instead of embracing the Winter season I find myself trying to push through. Trying to create flow – how crazy is that?

Yet Winter invites us to slow down. Stop fixing. Stop clearing things up and just let them be.

A season to turn inward, to explore our inner world and pay more attention to our home lives. Typically we spend more hours indoors – it’s a time of open fires and candlelight. To create a sense of warmth and comfort that nurtures the soul. (Rather like the Danish art of Hygge – which loosely translates as cosiness).
In this period I want to be living well and simply.
Part of me that’s been feeling lost wants to come home. This is what winter’s for, if we choose to embrace it, and this year I intend to fully embrace it.
So in some ways this is a new path, and in other ways it’s a return to a very old one. It’s about remembering who I am ancestrally, and exploring what I’ve subconsciously brought with me to this point (beliefs, family rules, cultural pathways…) and choosing what serves me, what I want to take forward and what to release and let go of.

Over the coming months my intention is to work with nature’s rhythms and her cycles, and to walk in harmony with nature.

What keeps coming to my mind is Surrender, Simplicity and Soul.

Surrender to the energy of winter that calls me to turn inwards: listen to the whispers of my soul that I sometimes ignore, because life is just too busy. Allow myself to go inwards to a cosy, creative space where I can cocoon myself with self-love and healing. From that place we are able to create anew in the present moment.

Simplicity to consciously create the space to explore whether my daily choices are driven by unconscious habits, fears, doubts and insecurities… or faith, love, and trust that the universe will support me. Living intentionally, honouring my body, the food I eat, the exercise I take, my relationships: my family, friends, children… my world. Pachamama, the earth and everything she provides for us. Slowing down enough to really absorb the effect of each tiny decision.

Soul are my choices coming from my soul, my personal power, and are my actions aligned? Or am I choosing an external barometer to seek approval, significance, and direction from others to guide my life? At this time of year we look back with gratitude at the year that’s past and honour what has been before. What are the gifts my ancestors have given me? And what are the behaviours I have inherited from them and still carry with me?