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Many moons ago I was gifted a plain black journal embossed in gold lettering on the front cover.
There was only one word
I absolutely loved that journal, not for the words I wrote inside but for that one word which became a meaningful mantra for me.
When we simplify our lives we are encouraged to look at what is truly meaningful.. Simplicity allows us to focus on what is necessary, what brings us alive and adds meaning and value to our lives.
And with that comes clarity.
Simplicity can mean different things to different people, for me it’s about eliminating life’s unnecessary complexities. Whether that is de-cluttering my wardrobe, or saying no when I feel over committed. This means identifying the commitments that can be lived without, and saying no to the things you do not want to do, or do not have the time for.
In the past week I’ve started a new training course, my daughter has not been well and we’ve had numerous trips to the dentist, A & E and doctors and in contrast we’ve also been celebrating family birthdays, seeing friends again as well as continuing my own 40 day Yoga Nidra practice.
The days have been full, almost to brimming. In my Yoga Nidra practice my inner wisdom has been talking to me, reminding me of simplicity. So over the weekend I paused to ask myself some questions. I’ll share them below as they could also be helpful to you.
What is important right now?
What are my energy drains?
What can I let go of?
Where am I over giving?
Of course I am not going to let go of family celebrations,
I am not going to say no to my training course (my teacher is in Canada and without lockdown this wouldn’t have been possible)
And I am not going to let go of holding space for either myself or my clients to receive Yoga Nidra
…….because these things are important, I value them dearly and they add meaning to life
But, I am going to keep it simple over the summer.
What does it simplifying your life look like for you?