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There’s so much talk about self care these days and I’m so glad.

I can’t quite recall when I first heard that term because I was too busy playing superwoman! 🙂

I can recall though, describing my ‘Be nice to me’ days in one of my early coaching newsletters.

This makes me chuckle now, the penny hadn’t completely dropped at that time. I regarded taking time out from my somewhat frenetic schedule as a luxury rather than a necessity.

I mean, who doesn’t lead busy lives right?

“If I don’t do it, it won’t get done”

“Yes, of course I can do that for you”

“I just need to keep going”

“I can’t let others down”

“I should spend more time with my kids/partner/friends”

“I don’t have time”

You might recognise something similar for yourself.

These stories (and many more) served me well for an incredibly long time.

Or seemingly so, I had repeated these stories so frequently that I wholeheartedly believed them.


……… to put fuel in your car and there is only so far it will travel.

Unless you are practised at fully replenishing yourself there’s going to be risk that your own tank becomes empty too.


You can’t reason well when you are activated or running on empty.

You can’t fully access the thinking part of your brain.

You become ungrounded

This isn’t ok right now.

More and more of us are running businesses serving others, these are radical times our gifts are needed in the world right.

We need to countermand this outdated notion of productivity being valued over wellbeing, otherwise this won’t be sustainable.

You deserve to rest, to restore, to revitalise.

Its good for your nervous system, allowing the brain and body to catch up with each other. It gives your creativity a boost, it enables you to come back to your natural rhythm, it connects you to your most deepest knowing, your wisdom, your intuition and it expands you resiliency.

Understanding self care, the full mind body connection to fully resource ourselves is something we will be exploring at my 1 day business retreat,

I’m super excited about this day. Less mindset, more embodiment. There are only a couple of spaces left! Grab one now whilst you can.