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May 2017

A new level of awakening

By | May 17th, 2017|A Year for my Soul, Acceptance, Soul|

Moving into my new space – a change that represents the end of a long cycle – has unlocked a whole new set of emotions, feelings and understanding. It’s amazing the difference knowing my life has moved on has made. It feels like a new level of awakening. As though I’ve taken off a pair [...]

April 2017

The Halfway Point – Reflections on starting, finishing and lessons in between.

By | April 19th, 2017|A Year for my Soul, Acceptance, Simplicity, Soul|

When starting this project, ‘A Year for My Soul’ I set a clear intention of having no deadlines or rigid timetable. The last thing I wanted was to put pressure on myself; I wanted connecting to the rhythm of my soul to be a spontaneous, natural process, where I honoured my own flow. Simplicity was [...]

March 2017

Connection is the Antidote to Addiction

By | March 15th, 2017|A Year for my Soul, Uncategorized|

  Earlier this week I posted on facebook, nothing unusual about that except this post at the last count had 477 likes and 338 comments. A couple of days later and I continue to feel overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, connection and comments shared. I've never been one to measure by numbers, as Mother [...]

The Power of Transition

By | March 10th, 2017|A Year for my Soul, Acceptance, Soul|

Thinking about my life right now, I keep likening it to giving birth. The excitement, the anticipation plus the challenge and sheer amount of hard work to keeping going. I told a friend this week “It feels as if I’ve been in labour for the past two years… and now I’m in transition”. The transition [...]

February 2017

January 2017

From Force to Flow

By | January 27th, 2017|A Year for my Soul, Acceptance, Simplicity, Surrender|

Oh the irony! How could I have forgotten - Simplicity - one of my three chosen key words. But forget I did. Somehow, over the past couple of weeks I found myself caught up in that sticky energy of 'trying' to write my next blog post. Despite numerous attempts the words simply didn't flow. After [...]