Living Inside Out

Life is Great!

I say so.

I’m owning that.

Perceptions can be deceiving though.

If you were to take a snapshot of my life right now it may not look that way. From the outside in it probably looks like I am living in total disarray, my home looks like a builders site we are still living out of boxes as the refurbishment continues. It’s my middle daughter’s prom and my eldest daughter’s baby is about to make her appearance into the world. It’s crazily busy and delightfully messy.

Life feels great.

What a paradox to how life has been.

From when life on the outside seemingly looked wonderful; family, the 4 bedroom house, the nice car parked outside and all the other trappings society wants us to believe makes us successful and happy.

That’s all illusion, a myth we have falsely been led to believe that what goes on in the world outside of us impacts our level of success, happiness and well being.


It’s wonderful to have all those nice things but they aren’t a prerequisite for how you feel about your life.

Whatever life looks like from the outside, all that really matters is how we feel on the inside.

Life is great because amongst the pots of paint, packing boxes, prom and baby paraphernalia how I feel is great.


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  1. Love ‘ whatever life looks like from the outside, its how we feel inside, ‘ that counts.
    ‘Amongst the pots of paint, packing boxes, prom and baby paraphernalia,how I feel is great.’
    You are making ‘Your,’ feelings count, blessing yourself and all!

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