Get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

They say you are not the same person you were a year ago.

Around twelve moons ago, my soul was lost and battered. It needed nurturing, tenderness and to be handled like a delicate flower. I gently swathed it, protecting it from any further harm. Our souls know what they need to heal and after overriding that guidance for far too long I wasn’t prepared to ignore this poignant request.

I lovingly restored my soul back to health. More recently my soul has felt contracted, restricted and has begun yearning for expansion and growth once more. And as I become consciously aware of signs and synchronistic occurrences I know it’s time to gently discard the protective layer and embrace this opportunity for new growth, allowing it in.

Our soul communicates with us in various ways; it’s not always a voice in your ear.
For me the most frequent communication comes via signs. Signs are readily available to all of us when we are open and willing enough to receive. They can come in a variety of different ways; through our dreams, pictures, advertisements, numbers, song lyrics, and via other people even. You can even ask for them. I often do.

I’ve made it my practice to notice what is occurring in the periphery of my day to day life so I may observe and absorb any awaiting signs. When I was in India, I received signs every single day from the birds, each urging me, directing me towards the freedom I was seeking at the time.

birds pushkar

The Sacred Lake at Pushkar Rajasthan

Now as we sit amid the Scorpio transit we are being asked to take our lives to another level. To expand and gather new experiences, knowledge, and understanding to create an alchemical process of transformation.

And for me, all the signs are there. Lining up, waiting to be witnessed. From the recent storms that always bring out my wild woman…….. daring me, urging me, coaxing me; To taking part in an online video challenge, that made me face my resistance full on to speak out; to unexpected invites where I was urged to use my voice, preparing me for what needs to be expressed. These signs are like massive colourful billboards staring me in the face.

I can’t ignore them. Yet, listening to your soul is one thing, acting upon its calling is another. Often we don’t trust the nudges.

Right now, I know I am being called to share my message in a more powerful way. And that is scary, yet that is what I most need to do. The thing that terrifies us the most is the thing we most need to do.

Our soul has a desire for us to grow and as scary as that may be, if you ignore the nudges simply because you feel uncomfortable then your soul isn’t growing.

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