From Force to Flow

Oh the irony! How could I have forgotten – Simplicity – one of my three chosen key words. But forget I did. Somehow, over the past couple of weeks I found myself caught up in that sticky energy of ‘trying’ to write my next blog post. Despite numerous attempts the words simply didn’t flow.

After what felt like several days of struggle to get the words to make any sense on paper I suddenly remembered what I innately know, that forcing things to happen feels contrived and unnatural. Although I know this to be true and I talk and teach it all the time, it’s all too easy to fall back into old patterns of behaviour.

Most of last week was spent in bed. I succumbed with an aching body and other flu-like symptoms. The best I could do was to let go (of the desired outcome) and let God.

After three days of almost solid sleep I assumed I would be feeling better, even though my fever had subsided my body still ached and I remained incredibly tired.

I wasn’t impressed to say the least. There was so much I needed to do.

Everything happens for a reason Allison, I kept telling myself. Then why was I not well enough to do the things I felt I needed to do? Like attend a funeral. Frustration swept over me. I battled with my thoughts on this one for a couple of days and finally arrived at a place of acceptance. Perhaps I simply didn’t need to be there?

And then there were client calls. Unlike funerals, client calls can usually be rescheduled. Even if inconvenient, most people are obliging and duly re-arrange their calendar accordingly.

Oh and then there was the sense of disappointment knowing I wasn’t well enough to travel to Somerset for a meeting that I’d been looking forward to for weeks. I did all I could, drank plenty of fluids, rested and rested some more but there was no way my body was willing to endure the two hour drive.

So if everything happens for a reason what could that reason be? Why do we feel the need to control so much in our lives? What are we so afraid of if we dare to let go?

As I lay pondering these big questions I reminded myself that the universe is always supporting us, even though we can’t always see it at the time, everything is happening for our highest good.

As it transpires, rescheduling client calls worked out to be mutually beneficially to us both, easing our busy diaries and my trip to Somerset has been extended by an extra day, yippee! Meaning I get to spend more time with people I cherish and love.Untitled design (1)

Simplicity is about accepting what is here right now – not what we want to “make” happen. Simplicity is connected to surrender. Once I surrendered to what was happening, I created space for things to start flowing in their own time, including writing this blog post.

A lifelong lesson, that keeps coming up, manifesting in different ways, inviting me to surrender over and over (and it’s not always easy!). I think I’ll be practising the art of surrender every day, forever.

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