Falling in Love

The past month has whizzed by. Moving house has taken a lot of my energy. It has been such a long, drawn out process that began back in January 2016.

I moved here knowing full well that the house needed a complete refurbishment. It was clearly devoid of any form of love or appreciation from the previous owners of 31 years.

Before moving in I was advised to give myself a break before commencing any renovation work. It seemed sensible advice especially as my middle daughter was about to commence her GCSE’s.

What I hadn’t anticipated was the boiler breaking down 24 hours in, leaving us without heating or hot water for several days. I was also sleeping on one of those inflatable mattresses and the fact that the house had been left in such a state I decided that perhaps it would be beneficial to bring the builders in sooner rather than later.

Renovation is now in full swing. Understandably it’s messy and it’s chaotic. Yet we have become adept living out of cardboard boxes and suitcases, affirming strengths of resilience and patience. Although ask me again in another six weeks and you may get a different answer!

We now have a shiny new boiler and appreciate the fact we are fortunate to be able to shower daily. The external joinery has been replaced with new fascia and guttering and the windows are being replaced. No more 4am wakeup calls from the nearby rooster!

Internally, the dilapidated wardrobes have been stripped out from the bedrooms and layer upon layer, upon layer (seriously) of wallpaper was stripped from the upstairs walls before being receiving a new coat of plaster. Oh, if these walls could talk, imagine the stories they might tell.


Watching this process amongst the mess and dust, it dawned on me how much this house is mirroring my own life. Since the gift of burnout a few years ago I was forced to look at life differently and begin my own process of peeling away layers of emotions and stories that no longer served me to reveal what is my truth, my essence.

It’s a fresh start for us both.

This house with its new lease of life will support me and in return it will receive the love and appreciation it’s lacked. Who knew, this could be a whole new love affair.

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