Easing Into 2017

After the New Year celebrations, I am slowly easing my way in to January.
My youngest girls are back at school so I am able to enjoy some reflective time to quietly tune in and see what wants to come through as we stand in the wings of 2017 and this brand new cycle of time.

I haven’t made resolutions for many years and I have no intentions of doing so either.

However one thing that I enjoy, is to shape my year around a key word or two and consciously integrate the words into my daily life.

They aren’t just some random words plucked out of the dictionary though. These particular words usually come to me in signs, symbols and messages and trigger an emotional connection inside.

These synchronicities are around us all the time pointing to our truth, if we are alert and open to receiving them.

I notice them occurring all the time, white feathers, dragonflies and butterflies, repeating numbers, to songs being played on the radio. Sometimes they come in other forms, like when you randomly think of someone you haven’t seen in a long while and then they call you up out of the blue, or you bump into them in the street. Particular songs being played on the radio at opportune times, phases that jump out of you from the pages of the book you are reading or symbols in films.
All like little nudges from the universe vying to attract my attention.

Toward the end of 2016 I kept hearing and seeing the following 3 words


When I receive a message 3 times, I take it as a indication that I need to sit up and pay attention.

These words are meaningful to me right now, I believe they have shown up and crept into my periphery for a valid reason. To help me live more consciously and to remind me what is important in my life right now and to support me as I step into who I am now becoming.

As New Year chimed an additional word, edged its way in ‘FUN’

How could I forget FUN!

After a considerably turbulent couple of years fun is an essential ingredient for 2017 and beyond. So much so I promptly added ‘fun’ to my list of guiding mantra’s.

You should have seen me and my girls yesterday, using an old mattress to slide down the stairs!! If only we had taken some photo’s but we were all so in the moment having fun it didn’t even cross my mind.

Fun aside, even though none of us is aware exactly what this year will bring, going with the flow, being ever more present I am trusting these guiding words will teach me how to play the leading role in the next chapter of my wonderful life because all I ever need remember,

What you are seeking is seeking you.

Oh and……. all those moments of fun…… they will be noted and placed in this special jar ready to be opened January 1st 2018.


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