Could this be what is impacting your level of success?

February, frequently dubbed the month of love.

If that’s the case, let me ask you a question.

Do you love yourself as much as you love your business?

When I asked some ¬†friends this question the other day they responded with an indignant “Yes” as if to say, ‘of course I do, why would I not?’

“So then,” I responded, ” Is sitting at your screen from dawn to dusk loving yourself?” ” Is trying to squeeze even more into your hectic schedule loving yourself?” ” What about grabbing a coffee and a sandwich on the run, Is that loving yourself?”

It was at this point I began to grab their attention and the conversation opened up to reveal how each of us determined self love.

We surprised ourselves. Self love and the practice of self care looks different to everyone.

Self care isn’t a one off thing to do if we feel a bit tired or a bit stressed it’s a daily practice we need to develop and honour as we learn to love ourselves more.

Since that conversation I stumbled over some recent start up statistics,

13% of start ups fail because the owner lost focus, 9% fail because the owner lost their passion, and 8% fail because the owner burnt out.  Yep a whopping great 30% of start ups are failing due to the owners emotional state.

That concerns me. The world needs people like you to bring your gifts into the world, the world needs change makers and innovative products that serve our people. So what it the point of working so incredibly hard if it leads to burn out?

Then who can you serve? No-one.

Author, David Allen, who wrote, Getting Things Done, declares that there is a direct link between our ability to relax and our productivity.

When you aren’t taking great care of yourself, loving yourself and loving life then you aren’t able to put the best into your business.

It’s no good knowing what you know if you aren’t willing to put it in to action.

Find out how we are making radical self care a priority here.

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