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I have no desire to justify any absence from blogging this past month, although I do want to talk about it.

The truth is the words just haven’t materialised. My creative juices flow best when my mind isn’t preoccupied. There is a certain element to the stillness I require, and when I find myself in that space, words flow gracefully, and writing becomes effortless.

And why churn out content for the sake of it because someone, somewhere, at some time proclaimed ‘consistency is the key to your success’?

Perhaps that’s more what I want to talk about. The feelings that bubble up inside when you feel you ‘should’ be putting out content.

A quick Google search informs me that; “to be consistent means to fully dedicate yourself completely to a task, activity or goal.”

Do I need to create more opportunities for stillness? To prove my dedication? I don’t think so, because that would simply add something else to my ‘to do’ list.

I don’t know about you I want to live my best life, not my busiest life.

The idea of adding more ‘to do’s’, taking up more space, quite frankly doesn’t excite me.

And why would I, or you for that matter, want to put ourselves under any unnecessary pressure to perform to someone else’s ideas of success?

Perhaps it’s time to unpack the meaning we attach to consistency?

Or perhaps another, easier solution is to swap consistency for commitment.

Now that I can do.

I can most definitely show up with passion and commitment to my purpose.

I can most definitely commit to my writing, by tracking my rhythm through its natural ebbs and flows. When the impulse rises within to have the wisdom to act upon it, knowing I’m free from any obligatory deadlines imposed upon me, whether self-imposed or otherwise.

I talk with my clients about this when they say they feel overwhelmed, or they feel they ‘should’ be doing something when they aren’t. Recording artists in the music industry are a great example. It’s impossible to consistently be at number one in the record charts. This doesn’t mean they are less passionate or less dedicated to being great artists but what they do have is commitment to their music.

Maybe this all boils down to expectations. Real and imagined.

My only expectation when it comes to posting here is to follow my guiding principle. My impulse is an expression of life that demands to burst through with a unique consistency all of its own. It certainly doesn’t come from a place of duty or ‘should’ but from a place of a well-rested mind.