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Connection matters – a lot. Probably more so right now than ever as our opportunity for physical and social connection is limited.

So, what do we do if we can’t go out?

One option, is to go within

Connection begins with you

Look after yourself first,

then family and friends,

then business

But, keep coming back to self

I’m hovering in this beautiful liminal space that we have been gifted with right now. Balancing the uncertainty and the unknown with the beauty of this precious time.

A pause.

Like the hypnopompic state we cross from sleeping to waking each new day.

Like the space between planting seeds and awaiting the first shoots to appear.

When you are in this liminal space, it doesn’t mean that you do nothing, that you’re lazy or unproductive

It’s a pause, not a full stop!

And a pause that becomes a regular practice connects you to a part of you that otherwise becomes lost in the minutiae of everyday life, a place where we can access our deeper wisdom.

A place where our decisions become clear and expansive, not driven by fear, reactive or emotionally based.

A place that encourages us to act from impulse.

Even though individual stories may be differ at these times, but one thing that unites us – we truly are all in this together. Facing this unexpected curve ball that crudely disrupted our lives.

Despite a collective fear and grief lingering, it doesn’t mean you live solely from that place

We all have a choice.

Maslow said – at any given time we have two options – to step forward into growth or step back into safety.

And growth occurs in the liminal state. A place we can release old attachments and stories, a place where answers can be heard, where new possibilities begin to form and ideas begin to take shape. A place where we can find faith and strength within.

I’m not going to pretend I don’t have moments of pendulation and feeling afraid. I absolutely do. I’ve shed tears, had moments helplessness, fretting over bills and felt sad I’ve no significant other to share my emotions with.

Although, this kind of reasoning also sits along the same broad spectrum as being in tune with nature; hearing the birdsong sing, noticing our vegetable seeds beginning to appear, watching the sun rise/set, smelling the lovage that is flowering abundantly along the footpaths, laughing with my girls making tik toks, chatting and laughing with wise and wonderful friends

One same continuum, different ends that feel like parallels apart.

Isn’t it wonderful that we have the ability to experience it all?
To accept and be with life in its entirety.

Every waking moment we can choose where we sit on this scale.

Keep coming back to yourself.

If we can’t go out, go within.