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A smile

A wave across the street

A little food gift left on the doorstep


A cheery hello

Simple actions can make a significant difference to someone’s day

“The most important things in life are the connections you make with others.” said Tom Ford

There’s an energy in connection, an energy that can heal and transform.

A primal human need.

Uniting us. As though we forget we are all one.

Autonomous as we may be, independent of connection for our basic survival needs,

connection remains desirable, a necessity.

And adversity always reveals character

So as we orient ourselves to this sacred pause, we all have the power to raise each other up,

We all have the capacity to connect with meaning, with compassion, to be available for others,

And quite frankly, who can’t muster a sincere smile?

When we operate from a more conscious way of being, with love and caring, the energy ripples far and wide, a sacred reciprocity occurs

Our interactions refresh the spirits of others, a harmonious balance of exchange becomes

mutually beneficial, a sacred reciprocity, lifting you too.

So let your spirit shine

Nurturing the feeling of connection is how we will move through this.

A quick text,

A short note,

A call

is all it takes to foster a sense of belonging, of safety
to replenish faith.

Share your stories, share your experiences, share ideas,
people will feel less alone

In a time of uncertainty, spread a little joy

Your kindness will be appreciated