Celebrating 10 Years of Winning Women

May 2006 I had an idea – if I was feeling isolated running my business from home then surely I couldn’t be alone?

So I organised an event in Hampshire with the sole purpose of bringing together other women in business to connect.

I was a couple of years into my coaching business and still finding my feet.

It was never my intention back then to make this part of my business but my business had other ideas!

At the end of the evening I was asked if I could host something similar again. Before I knew it we were meeting each month.

Prior to coaching my background was in education – I didn’t have a clue about running a business so I had to learn fast. I invested in myself, got myself a coach and mentor and joined many programmes to absorb as much as I could about business, sales and marketing.

Much of what I learned has gone by the wayside, as I developed my own methods, wrote my own rule book for ‘working’ and living. However every single investment has been worth the time, money and energy. To this day I’m still benefiting from the teachings of those who have supported my journey.

One of my mentors asked me one day what my vision was. I was surprised to hear myself saying ‘to connect a million women around the world’. (There was more to the vision but that’s a story for another day).

Since launching Hampshire Winning Women we went on to have 11 other groups in the UK. Dorset, Cheshire, York, Sussex, London, Surrey, Manchester, Lancashire, Kent, Inverness and Essex (which has a sister group in Mongpwe Zambia which we contribute to each month).

In January we also launched our virtual circles and have Winning Women joining us each month from Spain, Switzerland and Portugal.

And of course this Facebook group too!

Today, I met up with some of the founding members of Hampshire Winning Women in celebration of the past 10 years. We have all evolved so much but one thing remains the same – The friendship and support that has grown from the power of coming together, connecting and cultivating our relationships.

It maybe a cliche but it’s so true – it’s not what you know, but who you know!

Thanks gals, you mean the world to me x


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