Get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

They say you are not the same person you were a year ago. Around twelve moons ago, my soul was lost and battered. It needed nurturing, tenderness and to be handled like a delicate flower. I gently swathed it, protecting it from any further harm. Our souls know what they need to heal and after [...]

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Living in the Unknown

Summer is my favourite time of year. I love nothing more than being out of doors, feet to the earth, the warmth of the sun kissing my skin and a hint of breeze running gently through my hair. Somehow, this sensory experience of dancing with the elements, dancing with creation itself appears magnified throughout this [...]

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Falling in Love

The past month has whizzed by. Moving house has taken a lot of my energy. It has been such a long, drawn out process that began back in January 2016. I moved here knowing full well that the house needed a complete refurbishment. It was clearly devoid of any form of love or appreciation from [...]

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A new level of awakening

Moving into my new space – a change that represents the end of a long cycle – has unlocked a whole new set of emotions, feelings and understanding. It’s amazing the difference knowing my life has moved on has made. It feels like a new level of awakening. As though I’ve taken off a pair [...]

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The Halfway Point – Reflections on starting, finishing and lessons in between.

When starting this project, ‘A Year for My Soul’ I set a clear intention of having no deadlines or rigid timetable. The last thing I wanted was to put pressure on myself; I wanted connecting to the rhythm of my soul to be a spontaneous, natural process, where I honoured my own flow. Simplicity was [...]

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The Power of Transition

Thinking about my life right now, I keep likening it to giving birth. The excitement, the anticipation plus the challenge and sheer amount of hard work to keeping going. I told a friend this week “It feels as if I’ve been in labour for the past two years… and now I’m in transition”. The transition [...]

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