The Next Chapter

2016 has dawned and I feel incredibly happy to welcome the New Year along with all the new opportunities and infinite possibilities that await us all. In a few days time, you will receive the very first Global Winning Women Monthly Reminder - an image and short audio for you to muse. These will replace [...]

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Do You Know What You Want?

In order to hold your intention, you need to know what it is what you want. What you desire, what you want your business to achieve. The majority of people don’t know what this is. Suprised? I was when I heard a frightening statistic that as few as only 1 in 100 people even know [...]

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Why I gave up goal setting

My guess is that you’ve probably been told that in order to be successful you need to set goals. It’s how we’ve typically been programmed to operate. We’ve been taught that in order to be successful we need to have a clear outcome, set targets and then work backwards in order to create a strategy [...]

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I’m Over It!

It's not about 'business'  per se. For the last how many years I have been thinking about business; running a business, being in business,  getting clients, making sales, creating programmes, bums on seats, metrics, grow my list, know my numbers, buy this, get that bonus, only 20 places available, under promise, over deliver, shove it [...]

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Congratulations, Rosemary!

We were delighted to spot our Essex ambassador, Rosemary Cunningham, appearing in the current issue of My Weekly magazine. Rosemary was highlighted for her charity work with her circle's sister group in Zambia, and she notes in the article that Winning Women was the catalyst for her finding this passion and making such a difference. [...]

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The journey

Your life and business are a journey. It isn’t a race to the finishing post, so that you arrive at the final destination shattered, depleted and barely enough energy to serve yourself let alone others. I used to think it was essential to have my vision all mapped out, all the I’s dotted and the [...]

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Do Things Your Way

I've been reflecting recently on my business journey: I've gone from working all hours, feeling stressed, exhausted and not really achieving a great deal to learning how to make my business work for me. I want to share some thoughts today on how I achieved that – and how you can do the same. We [...]

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Stand In Your Power?

Why is it we're sometimes afraid to show up as the most amazing, wonderful, creations that we are? "The Universe doesn't allow us to get away with anything, Allison," said my friend "…until you learn the lesson, that is". The challenge had simply presented itself as an opportunity for healing. I'd given my power away. [...]

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