Are You Waiting for Clarity?

I used to think I need clarity before I could take a move forward with my life or business.

Do you recognise that feeling?

For years it was the basis of a lot of my work as a coach, too. I’d help my clients get crystal clear about what they wanted, and then I’d support them to bring that vision into reality. The clarity always came first, then the action.

So what changed?

Over the years I’ve come to see seeking clarity – which used to feel like the holy grail – just isn’t as important to me any more.

Instead, I’m more inclined to ask myself what feels right for me in each moment.

When I make decisions without knowing what lies ahead of me – without that crystal-clear vision of where I’m going – I’m forced to live in each moment, instead of constantly projecting towards the future. It also requires me to trust, deeply, in every step I take, and to know in my bones that there is no “wrong move” to make.

The maze

mazeOne of the fears that can keep us waiting for clarity before we move forward is that deep-rooted worry about doing the “wrong thing”.

“What if………….?”

It’s as though we imagine a long, straight road ahead of us. We need to see where we’re going so we can stay on track and avoid veering off course.

These days my life and business is more like a beautiful maze or labyrinth. Sometimes, I might reach a point where I know I need to turn round and retrace my steps, or take a different direction entirely. That doesn’t mean I’ve “gone wrong” or “failed”.

Because in a maze,  it’s okay to get lost, to go round in circles, and to take your time to reach your destination.

The experience of playing, discovering and reconnecting to your intuition is what’s important.

That’s the mindset I want to bring to my business, too.

How about you?

I love that there are so many different perspectives on this. We’re all different, and that what makes running our own businesses and choosing the approach that works for us so rewarding. Come over to our Facebook group and join in the conversation; I’d love to know what you think.

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